Friday, November 12, 2010

Elf on a Shelf

If you have a toddler who is nearing the terrible two's - I have a Miracle book for you!

It's called Elf on a Shelf - and although I have never read it myself - I plan to buy it soon for the Holiday season.

Here is the premise... You read the book to your child which explains how there is a special elf (stuffed which you can buy anywhere or use one you have) and your child has to name it and santa sends it to your house to check in on your children from time to time to make sure that they are behaving.

You sit the elf somewhere in your house different every night so your child wakes up and looks for him - and you remind them how the ELF IS WATCHING.

Sounds creepy right? Well, my BFF used it when her daughter was going through the terrible 2's and the frustration of having a new baby in the house and it worked wonders.

My BFF took it one step further and told her the elf comes to visit once a month and then just put it out every once in awhile to instill the fear of the elf in her children.

I think it's genius!

Here is a link:

The book is kinda pricey but if you can borrow it, or get it from the library or get one and pass it around your family for the holidays - I think it's worth it:)

Thanks for reading and posting:)


  1. I have one and completely forgot about it until Tuesday when Jack came home from school with his very first note from his teacher! It works! Just be sure that you hide where they can't reach it, because if you happen to have a 5 year old who wants to test it out (the book says specifically that you can't touch it), he may be tempted to hide it so that he can't go back to Santa and tell him what a 5 year old boy was up to!

  2. I am her BFF she is talknig about. My elf comes for visits occasionally during the year because Santa IS always watching. I had an elf from visiting Santa one year and borrowed the book from a friend. We don't use the book now, we just sit down and remind them what "JINGLE BELL" (that's his name) does here. After the last 2 days...Jingle Bell will be a permanent resident until Christmas Eve! HAHA